Mega Cheer




Dearest Mega families! 


We hope you’re having an AMAZING holiday break!! To get your Mega fix here’s a quick blog to tie you over… This time we’re looking at the lessons your athletes learn being a part of an Elite Cheerleading team at Mega! 



Learning how to work through and handle tough situations with a good attitude is a fundamental life skill! Throughout a cheer season there will be plenty of times that athletes will experience something that leads to adversity. Whether it’s learning a new position quickly, an injury or just having an off day… it can happen to anyone. Learning how to respond to these situations however, helps to define our character!  

We touched on this concept in an earlier blog where we discussed how to win and lose with grace because winning and losing in a respectable way is a true sign of good sportsmanship! Being a ‘good sport’ means that an athlete has also learned patience and self-control… two traits that are necessary in life as sometimes things don’t always go the way we intend them to. 

Being able to work in a team and with others is a crucial skill for kids to learn as is for any adult that wants to work successfully with others! Whether it’s a job, a school group project or planning an event with friends, there will always be a need to be able to work well with other people!

4.     HARD WORK

When athletes play any sport, the only way to stay at the top is to work hard and to practice… and the same is true as athletes progress through life. Whether our athletes aspire to be lawyers, entrepreneurs, teachers or engineers… you have to constantly put in the effort in order to be successful! 


Although there are many life lessons that our Mega athletes can learn while being a part of our MEGA family, these are just a few that will help them to be successful during competition season and throughout their lives and we LOVE being able to help prepare our athletes for their future both inside and outside of cheer! 


Remember: ‘Today is another chance to make yourself proud.’

By Ash Cannon