Mega Cheer



13 February 2018 

Mega is great, so much fun, everyone is so friendly and the fitness even though it’s hard hahah is still really great!

Mega Athlete Tash


9 December 2017

Just wanted to say thank you so much to you, Megan and everyone for making us feel so welcome at Mega.

After today especially, we know we’ve definitely made the right decision to join Izzy up next year and couldn’t be happier that she will be part of such a fun, inspiring and inclusive cheer family. 

Mega Mum Jen 


29 September 2017 

You are one of the most inspirational women I personally know, and have created a awesome community for (not only) girls that promotes strong minds and bodies of these young girls. You promote discipline, and the girls are learning how important it is to do things that may seem tedious over and over again to achieve a goal. That they are in a team, and how working as a team is so important. You have a community that shows that girls from all backgrounds that come together and are equal. 

I want the girls to be under the guidance of an inspiration woman like you.

Mega Mum Lesa


14 September 2017 

Thanks Megan for being the amazing coach and person that you are, we love being apart of the Mega fam ❤️❤️❤️

Mega Athlete


8 August 2017


I just wanted to say that you guys are awesome! Thank you so much for having me as part of such a great team, you have no idea the positive impact being a Legend has had on me and my mental health - and I hope you all feel the same!! Thanks for all your positivity, kindness, and for always making me laugh at training, even after a shitty Monday :') I love you all 🎀✨💛

Sam (Mega Legend - Adults Team)

6 January 2017

Can I just give you feedback about entering your gym for the first time.  My daughter as we were clearly open about was from another club and I was really looking at your place with a critical eye to make sure it was the right place for my girl.  I just wanted to say how impressed I was with not only your business set up with the gym, the information and the communication but the most important aspect was your talk to the parents and cheerleaders.  I really appreciated your positive mindset and your setting of expectations from the beginning.  It made me think if all your coaches were like you, what great role models this cheer gym will provide  my newly teenage girl. Looking forward to a great 2017 in cheer!

Brand New Mega Mum!


18 February 2016

Over the past few days Kiki has had a bad time at school, she didn't tell me until she got into the car last night after training when she broke down. I asked her what was wrong and the tears flowed, what she said next made the tears I was holding back come forward. Lynette realised that she wasnt herself and asked her what was wrong and she told her she was being bullied at school, she gave her a hug and told her that cheer is her happy place and never to be scared of telling her team mates, her coaches if there was something wrong. She is right as I saw how beneficial having a safe place for Nicky was when she was at cheer. You are doing a great job Megan, you have surrounded yourself with great people and coaches that are nurturing and supportive not only with the girls athletic growth but also emotionally. Much love tou you and your crew xx

Megan Cranitch (Mega Mum) 

22 January  2016

Hey Megan.

I meant to send this email ages ago so sorry if this seems kinda random coming at this time. 
I wanted to thank you so much for the tumble clinic we came to last week. I really had a great time. Your gym is fantastic. We were really surprised by the atmosphere. As soon as we walked into the gym pretty much every single coach introduced themselves and had a conversation with us. As well as that it was good to feel like we could join in just like all the kids from your gym; we didn't get made to feel like outsiders, which was amazing.

Your athletes were very friendly and welcomed us into the gym like we were members of a team. Especially in the second rotation when we were split into groups. The girls in our group were so encouraging with their clapping when we hit skills and their helpful advice. 

I also wanted to thank you for helping us with some perspective. When you talked to us about be very fortunate it really made us think about how lucky we are and I have found myself pushing harder because I think about all the people who don't have it as good as I do. 

Also when you discussed with me about being more positive and not doubting myself as much that has really helped. I have never had a coach tell me to have a better attitude in a way that actually makes me feel more confident and better about myself. I have found it has helped my tumble. 

So I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your session and your gym. My friends also enjoyed it as well.
Thank you so much for a great session last week, I would definitely love to do it again in the future.

Mega Workshop Participant (from a Brisbane gym)

20 January 2016

My hubby did one of the  drop offs and just tonight over dinner he said "have you seen MegaCheer? what an amazing club" 😁

You should be so proud of yourselves.

All the best for 2016


Cheering from the sidelines! 

Mega Workshop Partipants Mum

22 June 2015

I would like to say thank you for making my daughter smile.
Yesterday at the competition was a first for us as Savannah is only new to cheer and as a mum I was very proud and impressed with not only Savannah and how well she performed (well in my eyes anyway) but the standard of the whole team. Their routine was awesome to watch and its obvious to see that the whole team are great friends regardless of the differences in age.
I haven't had the option to watch as Savannah chose to do cheer and pays for herself and also with a licence I haven't been down to watch any training so I wasn't really sure what to expect. I must say I was more than impressed and just wanted to say thank you.
It was so nice to see her smile and enjoy performing and I love all the new friendships she has made.
I just want you to know that I appreciate all your hard work and look forward to seeing more of the team performances
Thanks again

Mega Mum Robyn 

10 May 2015 

Have just arrived at home and opened your very thoughtful prezzie... Thank U so very much. I ❤️ ❤️ ❤️the hat and candle. We love this Mega Fam bam u have created and are lucky to b part of it xx

Mega Mum

9 May 2015

I just have to say that I am so happy my girls found you and "MegaCheer" . **** has always loved cheer and the encouraging environment but XXX has really surprised me with how much she is loving Cheer. It is so nice to pick up the girls and hear them chat about what they did in class with such positive comments about how supportive everyone there is! Thank you Megan for everything you do!! My home is such a happy place again with these two smiling girls I have  🎀🙌🏼💕x

Mega Mum

7 May 2015

You are a beautiful person truly have the best interests of all your athletes at heart, you do so much for them :))

Mega Mum

5 May 2015 

As a parent, I was so happy to see her being a part of Mega Cheer...  In her words ‘I just love it’.  This is the first time she has wanted to join something without having a friend before starting.  So thank you!!

New Mega Mum

27 April 2015

How lovely to hear from you. I took a look at your MegaCheer website. It’s fantastic that you’re doing so well. Those kids (and their mums) seem to love you to bits.

Past Employer of Megan's

22 April 2015

She really seemed to love tonight. She said it was such a good vibe and that everyone was positive and that you pushed her in a good way with tumbling. She even said that you would help build her confidence up with basing and trying something new. She feels comfortable with the senior team, they made her feel so welcome tonight. Mega is so positive thanks Megan.

Mega Sister of a Mega Newbie


20 April 2015

Thank you so much for your time and expertise today. It was fantastic.

Coach of All Saints Cheer Team

18 April 2015

Thanks for your continued support, it means a lot to us how approachable and caring you are and glad that our kids are part of the Mega Family!

Big Hugs!

Mega Mum


28 March 2015

ABSOLUTELY!! They are excited.

Her fav bit was how supportive your club is!!

Mega Mum

27 March 2015 

Not sure if I've said it before but I love this chick!! This is Taylah's cheer coach/mentor/leader/owner at mega cheer and she is beautiful inside and out! So motivating for all athletes at her gym and living what she preaches. ‪#‎rarefindthesedays‬ Megan Grant best thing Taylah has done.

Mega Mum


20 May 2014

Thank you so much for being the best sports coach ever! You have given me so much more confidence :) I'm so excited for our first comp in 29 days!!! 

Mega Snr Lvl 2 Athlete

 24 June 2014

Hey Megan thankyou so much for tonight and making me feel more confident about flying. I really feel confident with it and am so thankful and grateful that you are the one whose helped me come this far it really means the world to me with how much effort you make for us. No matter what Mega is always a place that will make you happy and have such amazing people. Thankyou so much for everything and thankyou for being such a great inspiration!!

Mega Open Lvl 4 Athlete

 2 July 2014

Thanks Megan, And thanks for everything, Felicity is really enjoying herself at MegaCheer.  It is really nice to see someone with great values and beliefs.

Mega Dad

 27 July 2014

My daughter spoke with me this afternoon, and I was proud of her maturity and team commitment. Your reputation at Mega Cheer speaks for itself and my daughter desperately wants to be part of your vibrant cheer seems like you have really managed to bring cheer to life in the Gold Coast! At the competitions I find the spirit of Mega Cheer quite contagious and love the strong sense of community between your athletes and supporters!

Mega Mum

 6 November 2014

Thanks again for such a wonderful New Zealand trip. We had such a great time and was so proud of the girls with their winning routines. You must be so proud of how the girls did I know we sure are. You have done such a wonderful job helping these girls to perform to such a high standard and they are all such lovely girls. We became friends with some of the girls that I had never spoken to before and we had such a great time with them. You should hold your head of high because you have created such a fantastic place for these girls and guys to bring their talents to such a high quality. Congratulations!

Mega Mum